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Sense & Response Project19-SenseAndResponse Lage resolutie

The Sense & Response Project is a Demonstration Project funded by Dinalog, the Dutch Institute for Advanced Logistics. The project will explore and develop innovative ‘sense and response' concepts for supply chain control in the global distribution of high-sensitive products.


Panalpina (freight forwarder), Air France KLM Cargo (air carrier) and Bayer Healthcare (pharmaceutical shipper) will explore concepts that increase the capabilities for pro-active intervention and cross chain control, supported by scientific research and innovative real-time monitoring technologies.

Project Objectives

The main objectives for this project are to:

  • develop and demonstrate concepts and value-added services related to supply chain control in international multi-modal transportation for high-sensitive products;
  • develop the underlining techniques and tools for real-time monitoring that provide the visibility required for joint supply chain control and ‘sense and response' mechanisms;
  • specify the business value of these ‘sense and response' concepts in the global high-tech and pharmaceutical supply chain;
  • disseminate the results to the logistics industry, particularly related to shippers and knowledge institutes for additional research and development;
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