With SmartView you go beyond compliance and create the improvements in process quality and efficiency that turn your cold chain management capabilities into a competitive advantage.

Pro-active intervention

With SmartView your staff is automatically informed when temperatures are about to exceed pre-defined thresholds, either in a storage facility or on a shipment. This enables pro-active intervention to create significent improvements in product quality.

Management by Exception

With SmartView all data collection is fully automated. This improves process efficiency and enables your staff to focus on preventing problems before they occur, instead of spending time on documenting what happened in the past.

Fact-based analysis for continuous improvements

SmartView’s fully automated data collection of temperature-sensitive shipments enables trade lane studies and qualifications. This opens the way to for continuous process improvements and a new level of customer of service. SmartView provides the fact-based analysis that helps you to create real value to your pharmaceutical customers, and develop your cold chain capabilities into a competitive advantage.

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The SmartView solution has proven to be extremely reliable and is perfect for monitoring, pro-active intervention and documentation of our healthcare-, pharmaceutical- , and other temperature-sensitive flows.”
Peter Claessens, Corporate Head of Industry Vertical Healthcare Panalpina World Transport Ltd.