With our SmartView solution we offer hardware products that provide different visibility levels, depending on the type of technology, to collect temperature measurements:hardware2

  • USB data loggers: these device log their temperature measurements and provide this information after a shipment has arrived at its destination. At that moment the data log is retrieved on a PC, with the use of a USB connection.
  • Wireless data loggers: wireless sensor networking (WSN) technologies provide temperature loggers with wireless communication capabilities. These sensors download their logs at points in the supply chain that have been equipped with reader networks.
  • GPRS data loggers: these sensors use the cellular networks operated by mobile operators to wireleslly communicate their measurements in near real-time to our SmartView application (e.g. with 15 minute intervals). These products come with a variety of features and pricing, targetted at specific applications in road, air and ocean transportation.


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