Wireless Sensor Hotspot

Risk reduction for pharmaceutical shipments

With our unique Wireless Sensor Hotspot proposition we offer Ground Handling Agents a unique opportunity to create value-added services and improve internal process quality without any financial investment. With the Wireless Sensor Hotspot, logistics service providers read out data from wireless loggers about temperature conditions during road or air transportation. This has proven to improve quality in the supply chain and reduce excursion situations.

The concept of the Wireless Sensor Hotspot is comparable to a Wi-Fi Hotspot. As a neutral Trusted Third Party, Antaris Solutions installs and operates a Wireless Sensor network without any operational implications for the Ground Handling Agent: 

-  No financial investment. The hardware devices for the Wireless Sensor network are provided by Antaris Solutions.

- No additional operational activities. The only support that is required is the availability of power outlets at certain points.

- No IT or network integration. Data from the wireless sensor network is forwarded to our servers using GPRS communication.

Wireless Sensor Hotspot Benefits

- Very low-cost Facility Monitoring Solution for GDP compliance.

- Improved reliability and elimination of excursions.

- Strengthened customer relationships. 

- Volume increase in pharmaceutical shipments.  

Wireless Sensor Technology

The wireless monitoring technology is provided by the leading vendors for the pharmaceutical market:

Ambient Systems Product Series 3000. Wireless sensor networks that operate at the 2.4 GHz frequency band.

CartaSense U-Sensor networks. The U-Sensors networks operate at the 433 MHz frequency band.

 Both vendors provide reliable solutions that are CE and FCC certified and have no risk of interference with any other network.

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