Vehicle monitoring

Companies that operate temperature-controlled transportation vehicles in both pharmaceutical and food distribution are faced with increasing customer demands and regulations for real-time condition monitoring. More and more customers expect the capability to monitor the location and condition of transportation vehicles that are used to transport temperature-sensitive products.   

With our SmartView solution we provide a cost-effective solution for real-time vehicle monitoring in the cold chain. Unlike other solutions in the market, we provide an autonomous solution that does no wiring and no installation of expensive board computers.

Our solution is specifically designed for operators of temperature-controlled transportation vehicles, such as transportation companies, couriers, wholesalers and distributors.

What is included in the SmartView solution for Vehicle Monitoring?

SmartView web application: SmartView provides a flexible web-based software platform that collects data from various vehicles into an integrated real-time view. The software platform creates real-time visibility including Google Maps visualization of your vehicles, alerting by e-mail and SMS and historical reports in accordance with GDP requirements.

GPS/GPRS data logger: We provide an easy to install autonomous GPS/GPRS data logger that will be installed in the temperature-controlled area of your vehicles. The data loggers can be calibrated and configured to provide temperature measurements and GPS coordinates at user-defined intervals. These devices can be battery-powered, or continuously powered by 12V/24V input from your transportation vehicles. With this solution, no wiring and installation in the cabin of your vehicle is required.

Why SmartView for Vehicle Monitoring:

Our SmartView solution provides an easy to deploy solution for vehicle monitoring with the following  benefits:

Compliance with regulatory requirements for cold chain management such as Good Distribution Practices (GDP).

Easy deployment without the need for wires – Our solution is easy to deploy based on autonomous devices that require no cabling between temperature sensors and a boardcomputer in the cabin of the vehicle.

Increased process efficiency - Automated data collection reduces the quantity of manual measurements required, reducing the risk of human error and ensuring that accurate data is available in real-time.

Integrated view on transportation and storage and conditions – Our wireless sensors can be used for vehicle monitoring and facility monitoring. This creates a completely integrated view on temperature conditions during storage and distribution.

Powerful network management – From our Network Operations Center we continuously monitor the performance of the wireless monitoring devices. If required we can also conduct remote diagnostics and remote network configuration. This enables us to ensure the reliable operation of your temperature monitoring solution.

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