Real-time Shipment Management

The future of cold chain management is starting today

Real-time Visibility: SmartView provides an open platform to collect sensor information from various ‘best-in-class’ data loggers, ranging from real-time wireless GPS/GPRS and RFID sensors to easy to use USB data loggers.

Pro-active Intervention: With SmartView we enable users to pro-actively respond to exception situations based on near real-time visibility and user-defined business rules for your shipments. 

Powerful Analytics and Reporting: All shipment information is centrally stored in our SmartView application to support your cold chain quality system with fact-based analysis. From thermal mapping to extensive trade lane analysis, SmartView provides the reliable source of information.

Supply Chain Integration: SmartView enables the sharing of both real-time and historical cold chain information with your customers and suppliers, wherever this is appropriate. This is done in a highly secure and confidential manner, based on user-defined restrictions that ensure users can only access appropriate information.

How it works

The process to manage your shipments includes the following 3 steps:

  1. Pack and Ship. Upon departure one of the wireless sensors is placed with the shipment, for example inside the packaging or on a pallet.In SmartView the related business rules for the shipment are selected.
  2. Sense and Respond. During transportation we collect temperature information and potentially also GPS coordinates from your shipment.Based on the user-defined business rules, the SmartView application automatically sends alerts in case of excursions. 
  3. Receive and Accept: Upon arrival the wireless sensor is removed from the shipment, and the shipment can be accepted by the consignee. The wireless sensor can be re-used for future shipments

Who is it for

SmartView for real-time shipment management is specifically designed for:

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers that need to monitor raw materials and finished goods, or that want to have more control on the distribution of their products to end customers.
  • Logistics service providers that are responsible for the global distribution and storage of temperature-sensitive products and that want to develop value-added cold chain solutions.
  • Airlines and ground handlers that want to address the growing market for temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical shipments and comply with IATA’s PCR Chapter 17 requirements.


More information?
The SmartView solution has proven to be extremely reliable and is perfect for monitoring, pro-active intervention and documentation of our healthcare-, pharmaceutical- , and other temperature-sensitive flows.”
Peter Claessens, Corporate Head of Industry Vertical Healthcare Panalpina World Transport Ltd.