Facility monitoring for healthcare

Easy monitoring to ensure product quality and regulatory compliance

Companies involved in the storage of temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products need to ensure that correct temperature conditions are maintained at all times. Regulations provide strict guidelines for continuous temperature monitoring, reliable alerting and documentation of historical temperature records. 

With our SmartView solution we provide a solution that is extremely easy to deploy in existing storage facilities. Our solution is specifically designed for:

  • Pharmaceutical manufacturers that need to monitor the storage facilities of temperature-sensitive raw materials and finished goods.
  • Logistics service providers and freight forwarders that are responsible for the global distribution and storage of temperature-sensitive products.
  • Pharmaceutical wholesalers and distributors that maintain pharmaceutical warehouses with temperature-controlled storage areas. 
  • Hospitals and pharmacies that store temperature-sensitive products in their facilities and are looking for a more efficient solution to comply with cold chain regulations.

What is included in the SmartView solution?

SmartView web application: A flexible web-based software platform that collects data from various locations into an integrated real-time view. The software platform creates real-time visibility, alerts and history reports in accordance with GDP requirements.

Wireless monitoring network: An easy to install wireless network provides the wireless communication backbone for continuous monitoring. This network communicates with battery operated wireless temperature sensors that will be placed in storage facilities or attached to the cargo. These sensors contain a temperature and/or humidity sensor, but also function as wireless data logger. The sensors can be calibrated and configured to provide temperature and/or humidity measurements at user-defined intervals.

Is your storage facility properly qualified?

Good Distribution Practices prescribe that temperature-sensitive storage facilities should be qualified prior to operation. Antaris Solutions provides a Facility Temperature Mapping service that leverage our wireless monitoring networks.

Want to learn more?

Read the Case Study from Oriola, a leading Scandinavian pharmaceutical wholesaler.

More information?
We selected the SmartView solution because it very easy to install and has proven to be very reliable. As we needed to install a monitoring solution in our new warehouse in a very strict timeframe, SmartView proved to be the perfect solution.”

Jari Makela, Validation Manager, Oriola Oy.
 Solution Benefits
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Elimination of Temperature
  • Excursions
  • Increased Process Efficiency
  • Elimination of Paper Storage
  • Integrated view on storage and distribution
  • Powerful Network Management