Antaris Solutions provides innovative cold chain management solutions that create significant improvements in process quality, process efficiency and customer service.

SmartView is one of the worlds most advanced and validated control systems for freight transport. With our SmartView platform we provide actionable information that helps prevent problems and save valuable time from your staff to monitor cold chain processes.

  • Supply chain optimization
  • Pro-active intervention
  • Management by exception

 Integrated Control Center for all your critical cold chain applications

ShipmentReal-time shipment management: monitoring the condition and location of shipments during road, air and ocean transportation.

FacilityMonitoringFacility monitoring: real-time remote monitoring of temperature-controlled storage facilities in the healthcare market and food sector.

VehicleMonitoringVehicle monitoring: real-time tracking of the location and condition of temperature-controlled transportation vehicles.

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We selected the SmartView solution because it very easy to install and has proven to be very reliable. As we needed to install a monitoring solution in our new warehouse in a very strict timeframe, SmartView proved to be the perfect solution.”

Jari Makela, Validation Manager, Oriola Oy.