Professional services

From cold chain data to business insights

As a leader in real-time managmenet solutions, Antaris is well positioned to support customers with a range of professional services. Our professions service offerings include:

  • Sense & Response Service: a unique 24/7 intervention service to take complate care of your most critical shipments. Based on real-time shipment monitoring and agreed contingency scripts, our experts can take immediate action to manage your shipments.
  • Thermal Mapping Service: our SmartView solution provides the perfect platform for Thermal mapping services. Detailed temperature information is easily collected by wireless sensors, and analysed in our SmartView web application.
  • Trade Lane Qualifcation: Our Trade Lane Qualification offers a cost-effective service to determine the thermal variability of a specific trade or shipping lane. We use the SmartView application to collect detailed information about the thermal profile of all the stages of a trade lane in various scenarios.
  • Validation Framework: Antaris provides a Validation Framework for our customers in the pharmaceutical market, based on the GAMP 5 (Good Automated Manufacturing Practice) validation approach for computerized systems.


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