Wireless data loggers

 SmartView is integrated with the following world-class wireless sensor products:

Ambient Systems Product Series 3000

AS 024 SmartPoint2

SmartPoints are wireless data loggers that provide fully automated data collection of temperature conditions, eliminating manual activities and significantly improving process efficiency. SmartPoints automatically indicate when thresholds are about to be exceeded, enabling pro-active intervention during transportation.

SmartPoints wirelessly communicate with a wireless network consisting of a GateWay and  Repeaters. In range of a wireless network, SmartPoints provide real-time information. Outside a wireless network, SmartPoints log their measurements, and automatically download this log upon arrival in a wireless network. From the GateWay the sensor measurements are securely communicated to the central SmartView web application. This provides an integrated real-time view on shipments and storage facilities. 

CartaSense wireless sensors

u-sensor image

CartaSense wireless sensors are designed to meet the needs of the Cool Chain market and to provide real-time temperature information. CartaSense wireless sensors are easy to operate, survive a tough environment and suitable to be used with food and pharmaceutical products in chilled, frozen and deep freeze environments.

The disposable wireless sensors CartaSense have proven to resist below zero temperatures and are able to operate and last for a long period of time.


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