GPS/GPRS data loggers

moog-crossbow ilc2000ILC2000 GPS/GPRS data logger

The ILC2000 is an autonomous battery-powered device for real-time monitoring of valuable shipments and transportation vehicles via the GSM network. 
The ILC2000 contains a range of sensors, including temperature, shock, humidity, air pressure and light. 
The device also enables localization of shipments with GPS and cellular localization.
The ILC2000 is FAA-compliant so it automatically shuts off prior to aircraft take-off, and automatically turns back on when the aircraft lands. While in-flight, the device continues to collect sensor data.

Key benefits

  • Completely autonomous device for GPS/GPRS tracking of shipments and vehicles.
  • Shipment Monitoring with near real-time visibility for road, air and ocean transport.
  • Supply Chain Security applications for high-value asset tracking.


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 Product Highlights
  • Long Battery Life 3-60 Days
  • Charging by USB connection or 8 unit charger
  • Data Logging on SD Card
  • Temperature accuracy + 0.50C from -18C to +60C / NIST qualified
  • Humidity sensor
  • Shock sensor
  • Air pressure sensor
  • Integrity sensor
  • GPS / Cellular Tower Tri-Angulation
  • +6m (Static, under strong signal); +1000m LBS, Cellular Tower Information (when GPS is not available)