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LACHS Goes Wireless with SmartView

Amersfoort, 11 December 2014 - Liege Air Cargo Handling Services announces its partnership with Antaris Solutions and rolls out an innovative warehouse-wide wireless network which provides real time location and temperature data.

Liege Air Cargo Handling Services (LACHS), part of the CAL Group, announced today its completed rollout of the SmartView sensor-based wireless monitoring system.   The SmartView solutions at LACHS feature a Wireless Sensor Hotspot, a unique and innovative concept enabling both LACHS and its customers to collect and securely access information about temperature-controlled shipments and storage facilities. Furthermore, the proactive GPS/GPRS technology included in the solution provides CAL’s customers with real-time information and reporting on the location and condition of their high-sensitive shipments. The complete solution is part of the CAL’s expanded focus on its temperature controlled supply chain and pharmaceutical vertical.

"We are thrilled to work in close cooperation with Antaris Solutions, one of the leading temperature controlled supply chain management solution providers in the industry," said Yossi Shoukroun, Managing Director at LACHS. "In 2014, we doubled our temperature controlled supply chain activity due to our strong partnership with Envirotainer and an active push to utilize their technologically advanced containers as well as their passive solutions. Our focus on and dedication to technology as our competitive differentiation in the pharma market has paid off. In 2015, we are moving further ahead and incorporating another industry leader, Antaris Solutions. We are confident that this new partnership will prove valuable for our clients and for us as well," continued Yossi.

"The new Antaris technology rollout will go a long way in terms of ensuring product integrity and enabling proactive intervention in case of temperature variations. The system enables our team to identify and remedy a variation as it approaches an unacceptable level, ultimately empowering our customers with knowledge, extended confidence and peace of mind," added Yossi. He continued “For 2015, we are planning more improvements and technology enhancements including implementation of either GDP or the IATA Pharma CEIV certifications.

Eelco de Jong, Managing Director at Antaris Solutions, comments “We are proud to partner with LACHS and the CAL Group in offering them our fully validated SmartView monitoring solution. This technology is an innovation in the temperature controlled cold chain industry, specifically designed to address the strict pharmaceutical requirements in the airfreight industry. Not only does the system provide full compliance with the new EU GDP guidelines, it is a state-of-the-art solution which offers both LACHS and their end-customers the ability to automatically collect a wide range of information, providing real-time data.”

In accordance with the industry specific requirements, a Thermal Mapping study has been conducted in the LACHS facility prior to the installation, to ensure the accurate distribution of the temperature inside the facility. The SmartView monitoring system installed at LACHSfeatures a number of data repeaters to cover the entire 16,000 sq. foot warehouse. Data from the Wireless Sensor Hotspot is then securely collected in the Antaris Solutions data servers and can also be forwarded to LACHS’ customer database, ensuring that all information is not only accurate and current, but also immediately accessible.