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Antaris Solutions aqcuisition by Berlinger & Co. AG
Antaris Solutions implements unique Wireless Sensor Hotspot at LuxairCARGO

Amersfoort, 6 February 2014 - LuxairCARGO, the freight handling agent at Luxembourg Airport, now owns a unique Wireless Sensor Hotspot at its new Pharma & Healthcare Centre, which means that not only LuxairCARGO, but also its customers, can automatically collect and access information about temperature-controlled shipments and storage facilities.

Luxembourg is currently the seventh largest freight airport in Europe and opened its state-of-the-art Pharma and Healthcare Centre in April 2013. The hub handles both ambient (15°C to 25°C) and cold-chain (2°C to 8°C) cargo. When LuxairCARGO developed the new centre, it required a real-time monitoring solution that would ensure full compliance with the new EU Good Distribution Practices (GDP) Guidelines. At the same time, LuxairCARGO and its freight forwarding customers required a solution that could also be used by LuxairCARGO customers to automatically collect real-time temperature information from wireless sensors on pharmaceutical shipments. Patrick Silverio, Manager Special Services LuxairCARGO, claims that “for the Pharma & Healthcare Centre we looked for a state-of-the art solution that would create GDP compliance, but that would also enable our customers to automatically collect data from their wireless sensors. The unique Wireless Sensor Hotspot solution offered by Antaris enables not only LuxairCARGO, but also our customers, to collect and access real-time temperature data at any time.”

Antaris Solutions implemented the innovative Wireless Sensor Hotspot, which includes a number of data repeaters to cover the entire facility. These wireless sensors are increasingly used by forwarders to help ensure product integrity and enable pro-active intervention in case of temperature excursions. Luxair customers, such as logistics service providers, can use the Wireless Sensor Hotspot to automatically collect data from wireless sensors on their shipments.