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Antaris Solutions and Ambient Systems awarded IDTechEx 'Best Application of Active RFID'

25 June 2010, Doorn, the Netherlands -  Antaris Solutions and Ambient Systems announced today they have received the IDTechEx Award for Best Application of Active RFID.

The award was given for the implementation of the SmartView wireless monitoring solution at Panalpina, a leading global logistics service provider. Smartview uses Ambient’s wireless sensor networking platform for real-time monitoring of pharmaceutical products during storage and distribution around the globe.For Panalpina the implementation has resulted in significant improvements in efficiency, process quality and customer service.

Each year IDTechEx, an independent research and analysis firm, recognizes the most significant achievements in the industry with its annual awards. This year the panel of judges awarded the "Best Application of Active RFID Award" to Antaris Solutions and Ambient Systems for their successful implementation of the SmartView solution at Panalpina. Panalpina has implemented Ambient’s Product Series 3000 at its main hubs in Europe and North-America. SmartPoints, intelligent battery-operated wireless tags with a temperature sensor, are used to continuously monitor temperature and humidity conditions during transportation and in storage facilities. These wireless networks provide real-time information on the condition of pharmaceutical products in the global supply chain. The information from the various networks is integrated in the Antaris SmartView web-based application, a cold chain control center that provides Panalpina with real-time alerting and reporting capabilities.

“The judges were particularly impressed with the business benefits that were achieved by Panalpina. The supply chain visibility created by the SmartView solution enables pro-active intervention in case of temperature and humidity excursions. As a consequence, the implementation has significantly improved process quality and customer service” said Raghu Das, CEO, IDTechEx.

‘Antaris Solutions and Ambient Systems are delighted to receive the Award for Best Application of Active RFID from IDTechEx. This award recognizes the business benefits that can be achieved in the global pharmaceutical supply chain with our SmartView platform. We look forward to build on this success and further extend our innovative solution with Panalpina and other customers.’ comments Eelco de Jong, Managing Director of Antaris Solutions.

Jan Vesseur, CEO of Ambient Systems, adds “Ambient’s wireless mesh networks are highly scalable and completely self-organizing. For this project our networks were installed in one day, and have been running reliably ever since. This reliability is essential to monitor high-value shipments such as pharmaceutical products. We are very pleased that the judges have recognized the ease of installation and reliability of the Product Series 3000.”