Who we are

Antaris Solutions was founded in 2010 by the team that sucessfully developed and implemented the initial SmartView application for a global logistics service provider and since June 2014 is proud to have become a member of the Swiss based Berlinger Group. 

The core team at Antaris Solutions:

Mr. Eelco de Jong – Founder and Managing Director: Mr. De Jong is leading the sales and marketing activities at Antaris Solutions. Mr. De Jong founded Antaris after serving as Director Marketing & Business Development at Ambient Systems, the global pioneer in wireless sensor networking. At Ambient Mr. De Jong developed a global channel partner network and initiated the development of the SmartView application for the cold chain market. Mr. De Jong is a recognized expert in the field of RFID and wireless sensor networking, and previously worked as Global RFID Domain Lead at Logica, an international IT services provider. Mr. De Jong holds a Masters Degree in Econometrics from the Erasmus University in Rotterdam, and an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management in Boston, USA.

Mr. Mark Bijl – Chief Technology Officer: Mr Bijl is responsible for the development of the SmartView application and integration with leading wireless sensoring hardware products. Mr. Bijl is an expert in the application of wireless sensor networking technology. He developed his experience in this field at Ambient Systems, where he has a leading role in the development and implementation of wireless sensor networking solutions. Mr. Bijl holds a Masters Degree in Computer Science from the University of Twente in the Netherlands.

Mr. Elias Sajo - Customer Support Manager: Mr. Sajo joined Antaris Solutions with a broad experience in electrical and software engineering. Mr. Sajo previously worked for Ambient Systems as a Customer Support Engineer, where he was responsible for the installation and support of Ambient's wireless sensor networks at a broad range of customers.