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Antaris Solutions is working closely with a number of technology partners and business partners:


Business Partners


Naratech logoNaratech Pharmaceutical Consultancy, based in Amman (Jordan) is a leading pharamceutical consultancy firm for the Middle-East region. Naratech is working with manufacturers, pharmaceutical distributors and local government to define and implement processes based on Good Distribution Practices. For more information, visit


deiskoDeisko, based in Istanbul (Turkey), is a cold chain solution provider for the pharmaceutical and food industry in Turkey. Deisko provide a range of single-use and multi-use temperature-controlled packaging products, as well as consulting services related to cold chain management. For more information, visit


logo berlingerBerlinger & CO. AG, based in Ganterschwil (Switzerland) is one of the leading manufacturers of temperature monitoring indicators that can be used to monitor and document various perishable goods shipments. 


Technology Partners


Ambient Systems, basedVDA - Ambient logo in Enschede (the Netherlands), is a global pioneer in dynamic wireless sensor networking. Unlike conventional active RFID solutions, the Ambient Product Series 3000 uses intelligent SmartPoints and easy to install all-wireless mesh networks to monitor, track and trace physical assets. For more information please visit

vodafone logo

Vodafone is the world leader in machine-to-machine (M2M) wireless data services to global businesses. Antaris Solutions is using Vodafone's global wireless communication network infrastructure for real-time tracking and monitoring of high-value shipments and transportation vehicles. For more information, please visit